Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Essentials

  June 10 – 14th

  5 days

  5:30pm – 8:00pm

  KES 25,000pp

  Nairobi Garage, Westlands, The Mirage

About this Class

This program is designed for entry level learners who would like to broadly understand blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The program is a great introduction to learners on what is blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the forces driving this technology, its applications and use cases and impact on the technology enabled economy.

What we’ll do (learning objectives)

  • Understand what is blockchain and cryptocurrency technology
  • Differentiate types of blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • Understand the different use cases and applications
  • Understand the current state of blockchain development
  • Impart practical skills on interacting with cryptocurrencies

What you will get out of it (learning outcomes)

  • Ability to explain why blockchain and cryptocurrencies matter
  • Ability to to assess value of different cryptocurrency blockchains
  • Ability to buy, sell, secure, transfer and trade cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to identify the use cases and applications of technology
  • Ability to explain how blockchain impacts business & government

What we’ll provide

Workshop material workbook

What you should bring

Bring your own preferred device – laptop, tablet, smartphone


If you are interested in the program please contact Michael Kimani
at 0705 299 429, Whatsapp or email

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