Over 6 years experience working over 8 different blockchain projects

My experience is informed by the cumulative projects and people I have worked with; working with world class teams on cutting edge blockchain projects from East Africa and the world.


A project in Kenya and East Africa using blockchain elements to commercially digitize the social savings culture of chamas. As co-founder my responsibilities cut across marketing, innovation planning, business development and communications. We ran a pilot working with Asili Enterprise with 10 chama groups.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency Advisory

Advising young blockchain companies on landscape.Mentoring young entrepreneurs; Coaching; Advising executives and HNWI on blockchain industry trends

Umati Blockchain Ltd.

East Africa’s first digital asset brokerage desk. As co-founder and CEO I was responsible for setting up Umati into a fully compliant brokerage desk offering digital asset advisory and liquidity on demand. I was responsible for operations, business development, market, risk and compliance policy, and customer relations